An introduction, long overdue

Hi everyone, my name is Sebastian Cork but you can call me Angelo or “Gelo”. I am a 36-year old cisgender male from the United States. About 13 years ago, I got introduced to WordPress as a blogging platform. The idea of having my personal corner on the internet sounded cool to me. I’ve helped several colleagues establish their online presence from creating a business WordPress site to a business profile on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve attempted several times to launch my website and it would always result in me coming up with an excuse to not follow through. This is me overcoming that challenge…

What else?

At Amazon Web Services, I work as an IT Support Engineer to provide technical customer support to other Amazonian employees. I also serve as the group administrator over project management for my team who uses Adobe Workfront, and a subject expert on several other programs and initiatives. When I am not busy working for “Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company”, I sometimes indulge in my insatiable interest in technology (computing, games, mobile, and the Internet). Sometimes… because I get bored and find the need to recharge.

What I never become bored with is listening to music and I’m eclectic with genre. What I enjoy most about music is the way artists can use their platform to express their thoughts and feelings in what seems like a universal language. Music has been around for as long as any human can remember and it continues to grow in format and medium, reaching people in all walks of life. There are millions of songs released in the world, each with words that touch upon the various facets of life. Music helped me write this article.

So, what?

This website is about me, a self-proclaimed technology and information sponge. Its purpose is to disclose my knowledge, interests, and opinions. I’m quite accustomed to reading the publications of others and until now, I failed to establish a place where it is possible for me to produce my own. If you’re still reading, then I’ve piqued your interest and I’m grateful.

Here is what you can expect to come across while browsing my site:

  • My thoughts about things in my possession. I own a handful of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and smart gadgets.
  • Quotes. I dig philosophy… I am fond of thoughtful words.
  • Music. There will be music, and song lyrics. Did I mention there will be music?
  • My expertise as a technology user from a personal and professional viewpoint, covering WordPress, Python, Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.
  • Opinions? You guessed it: my two-cents about various subjects and matters in the world, with the operative word being “opinions”.
  • Photos. I’ll introduce you to what I had for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. #FoodGasm anyone?

What next?

With me launching the site, I will focus on producing content for the blog over other functional aspects. I do not promise to write every day because what I publish will comprise what comes natural to me. As I build, I expect the site to look less like a simple blog. Who knows, I may include a section of video tutorials or a question-and-answer board, where I expound upon things that seem easy to understand for me, whereas they’re challenging for others. If you are familiar with this website and its brand as it pertains to a startup business idea, then you might ask what’s going to happen with that. All I can say is, thanks for stopping by and check back later. 🙂

Stay thoughtful!

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