Happy Mother’s Day 2022

In a world full of mysteries and unexpected turns of events, it’s nice to know our mothers. I extend my thoughts and give sentiments to those people who influence the need for a special cause.

To all the birth mothers out there who gave us life, you were the first human we established a physical relationship with. This developed to include a mental connection. It was a special attachment that led you to rush to us in the middle of the night when we made the slightest whimper. Therefore, we call you “mother”.

To all the adoptive mothers out there, you are the one who stepped in when our birth mothers could not. You prove that although you weren’t our first parent, this relationship is anything but artificial. We love you and you love us, no matter what. So we call you “mother.”

To all the caregivers out there, you aid us in this complicated story called life, serving as a navigator to guide us in every way. You don’t need a special label to express your love. There’s no reason to. We understand that love is indefinite.

Thank you to all “mothers”, whomever and wherever you are, for being nurturers, providers, and warriors. Thank you for doing it without requiring payment. I realize that some days you are unsung heroes, but today is not that day. We would not make it very far on our own without you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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