I bought a MacBook Air laptop

In all of my experience with personal computing, I never owned a macOS system. The last time I considered buying anything of Apple’s product line was when the iPhone 5 released. I’m team Android for mobile and team Windows for PC. This time was different. I wasn’t looking for a new phone and my Acer laptop was only a year and a half old. I bought it to play games. What I wanted was a system that would keep me productive.

Since I’m studying the Python programming language, I figured I’d get a MacBook to do that and teach myself how to work on a new operating system in the meantime. So in March, I bought one… the 2020 Edition with M1 chip, 13″ Retina display, and 512 GB of storage. So far I like it. Getting used to the keyboard shortcuts is likely the most annoying difference. It’s been a slow process. I find my pressing control rather than command. Despite that, I’m pleased with the boot time and how easy it was to set up my primary apps. I already spent $10 on DaisyDisk and $5 on Desktop Curtain. There has been some odd behavior when I select options on forms, but that could be the fault of Vivaldi, my browser of choice.

What are you using for day-to-day computing? If you have a Mac, do you have any useful tips to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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