Rise above

We’ve been dealing with this pandemic for about 2 years and 5 months and the clock keeps ticking. What began as a food-borne illness took the world by storm and over 80 million have suffered.

Before COVID, I was a virtual recluse. The lockdown forced us to remain indoors, and I was just trying to figure out why we needed another reason to wash our hands. I’ve been working from home since 2014 so pardon me if reducing in-person gatherings doesn’t impose an effect that others experience. I’m obliged to say I am affected, but differently. I’m no longer a minority individual for living a secluded life. Still, I get that being pressured into a lifestyle differs from choosing one. This pandemic brought hardships to many people who now share an attribute I know as a hermit’s nature. It is for that reason I suppose I can relate.

It’s crazy to think that is the new norm. People everywhere are questioning when we’ll go back to doing what we could beforehand. Others just want to learn how to cope. I also find it ironic that while sitting here with my thoughts, Spotify played a tune that pairs with how I feel we should respond to our current demise. The song is by one of my favorite songwriters, Kygo, and it’s called “Freedom”. Perhaps you’ve heard it. Did you know that the writer and singer had to produce the song at home? Uh-huh. Watch the music video as they’ll explain just how different things turned out than planned—but wait!

Before you head off to click the play button, I’d like to leave you with words of encouragement…

You can rise above and make the best of a difficult situation. “How?” you may ask. Choose resilience over rigidity.

“Freedom”, a music video by Kygo & Zak Abel

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