You can keep the May flowers

I don’t understand the purpose of allergies. Just when I was admiring the weather, I had an episode. It started two nights ago when I felt a sudden change in the temperature of my home office. That led me to power up my space heater and bundle up in my blanket. The next morning, I woke up with a very familiar allergy symptom; a sore throat. So I wonder, why do we have allergies?

I turned to the Internet to search for answers. Here’s what I found:

No one has a firm answer, but what is arguably the leading theory suggests that allergies are a misfiring of a defense against parasitic worms. In the industrialized world, where such infections are rare, this system reacts in an exaggerated fashion to harmless targets, making us miserable in the process.

Discover Magazine

After reading that, I am just as confused as beforehand.

The article goes on to state how Ruslan Medzhitov, an immunologist at Yale School of Medicine believes allergies are “an essential defense against noxious chemicals — a defense that has served our ancestors for tens of millions of years and continues to do so today.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel defended. If anything, I feel like my system was compromised and it’s now attacking itself. No fun.

I realize this is supposed to be the month where nature’s best starts to bloom, but you know what? You can keep the May flowers.

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